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Sales Vault

The Sales Vault is: A resource for salespeople and selling owners in the Graphic Arts featuring live events, such as workshops and peer-to-peer discussions, downloadable sales tools such as prospecting letters and voicemail scripts, and 35+ years of archived training content organized by sales challenge and available on demand.

As a GMA member, you receive 30 days free, followed by a discounted monthly rate of $40/participant. 

Activate your free 30-day membership and take a live course or view the archived training content (videos, articles, columns, blogs, podcasts) available 24/7.

Other Vault resources:

  • Live Workshops
  • Downloadable prospecting letters;
  • One killer-good intro letter only the bravest of the brave send out;
  • A downloadable voicemail script
  • 15 on-demand video sales courses
  • Archived sales content searchable by sales challenge

Check out the Sales Vault!

Project Peacock

The new Project Peacock Platform is a one-click destination for print customers and printers to discover the latest innovations that level up print marketing and connect directly with partners that can help them bring new possibilities to life. Supporting research and sample requests, it is designed to help print buyers, creatives, marketers, advertising agencies, brands, and students learn directly from the industry subject matter experts. The platform also makes it easy to connect with print service providers.

Print customers are actively looking for new partners and new ways to do things; printers are looking for new customers and new technology. Press and finishing manufacturers, paper, software, and marketing technology companies have the tools we need to move forward creatively and efficiently. This platform brings everyone together and provides an ecosystem for effective print communications. Why search Google when you can have access to everything you need on Project Peacock?

Gather more information, stay up-to-date on our Peacock Partners, and to register for FREE platform access and a FREE ticket to all live educational and networking events! 

Check out Project Peacock!

Contact your BDD if you need more information about online education options.