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We're All in This Together

Source: Bob Lindgren, The Management Guys, April 5, 2020

During the weeks that COVID-19 became real to America. the speed of its impact on our lives has almost been beyond belief. The demand for print has dropped by 50% or better. Customers are cutting back dramatically on promotional expenditures with the entertainment and hospitality sectors being particularly hard hit. In these first weeks it seems as though there is no bottom—but there is a bottom and then a reversal with continued growth.

How can we be sure of this? Just by recalling the incredible strength and resources of our country, by remembering our recovery from World Wars, the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, and the Civil War when almost 700,000 of our citizens died and great cities were reduced to rubble.

The need to communicate and promote that is central to our economy will not end. Indeed, it will come back more strongly to recover the ground that has been lost. Print demand will return to meet the needs of its customers. Even better, the enhanced capabilities in the digital, ink jet world will make it more powerful than before.

The challenge now is to keep ourselves and our families healthy, to keep our resources intact and our “powder dry” so that we can realize the opportunities for regrowth.

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