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Third Party Administrator

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In Ohio, we partner with Sedgwick to deliver the most significant cost savings to our members. Previously known as CareWorks Comp, Sedgwick embraces a results-oriented approach that fully integrates safety prevention and risk control with aggressive claims management to deliver a significant return on investment. Graphic Media Alliance and Sedgwick can analyze your business to determine the BEST workers' compensation premium-saving program for you.

Save Significantly on Your Workers’ Compensation Premium

Did you know that many alternative discounts are available to help reduce your annual Ohio workers’ compensation costs? Through the Sedgwick workers’ compensation program, your organization can significantly reduce your workers’ compensation costs through a variety of alternative rating programs.  Sedgwick offers you quality service and stability through the complex workers’ compensation environment.

For over 50 years, Sedgwick has been helping employers navigate Ohio’s workers’ compensation system, providing services to help them control claim-related costs and reduce premiums. Their team includes the experienced colleagues from CompManagement and CareWorks Comp. The two companies merged and are now Sedgwick. Together, they serve nearly 65,000 Ohio employers including organizations of all sizes operating in various industries across the state. Group rating programs administered by Sedgwick have produced over $4 billion in savings since group rating was introduced in 1991, and their group retrospective programs have returned over $630 million in premium refunds since the program began in 2009.

If your organization is not yet participating in this member benefit, and you would like to receive a free, no-obligation analysis from Sedgwick, email Cordell Walton at

Sedgwick TPA

  • Group Rating – Sedgwick 's group rating program is the only plan endorsed by Graphic Media Alliance.  This program offers premium savings up to the maximum BWC amount of 53%. In 2020 the program has an average of nearly $2,000 in upfront premium savings.
  • Group Retrospective Rating - This program offers premium savings projected as high as 57% and can be a great alternative for businesses unable to qualify for traditional group experience rating.  In 2020, the program's estimated projected savings are nearly $12,000 for members participating in this program.
  • Deductible Program - This program offers discounts (up to 40%) on premium rates in exchange for accepting a specified deductible amount.
  • 100% EM Cap - Businesses becoming penalty rated for the upcoming policy year can have increases to their Experience Modifier (EM) limited, or capped, at 100%, thereby limiting rate and premium increases.
  • Self Insurance - Businesses pay compensation and medical costs directly for work-related injuries avoiding escalating reserves and premiums charged by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.  York serves more Ohio self-insured employers than any other third party administrator. 

As a result of their best-in-class service, Sedgwick has consistently maintained a 97% retention rate - one of the highest in the industry.  Put their team to work for you. For a no-cost, no-obligation program analysis, contact your BDD or Sedgwick's Cordell Walton, toll-free, at 614-827-0398 or

Read the Group-Rating Safety Accountability notice concerning Graphic Media Alliance offering the group program with Sedgwick serving as the TPA: Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter - 2023 Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter - 2023

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In Michigan, we partner with MTM Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company.


A Michigan Based, Michigan Driven Workers’ Compensation Solution

Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company (MTMIC) has a proven track record of providing worker’s compensation insurance to employers throughout Michigan since 1976. Coverage is provided for manufacturers, technology-based businesses, automotive dealerships, hardware stores and printers.

Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company is a workers’ compensation insurance company domiciled in the state of Michigan employing Michigan workers. We are a company dedicated to reducing claim costs while increasing employee safety and productivity.

MTMIC has obtained a Financial Stability Rating of A (Unsurpassed) by Demotech, Inc., a rating agency with nearly 30 years of insurance industry rating experience from Dublin, Ohio. Our Workers’ Compensation policies provide a $5 million Employers Liability limit which exceeds most umbrella coverage limits of the policyholder base, and this coverage is also included in the reinsurance agreements.

MTMIC is reinsured by an A.M. Best “A” (or better) reinsurers which provides the added assurance that claims will be paid within their limit of liability. That limit is currently $20 million.

We are a member of the Michigan Property and Casualty Guaranty Association which provides assurance that all Workers’ Compensation claims will be paid should some catastrophic activity occur which would result in a situation precluding MTMIC from continuing operations.

Claims Management

For over three decades, MTMIC’s experienced in-house claims staff have provided workers’ compensation claims services to the hundreds of Michigan employers we serve. A claim that is filed promptly allows our licensed claims adjusters to complete a thorough three-point investigation which may result in lower costs, less down time and faster return to work.

Employers can file their claims via the customer portal, email, fax or mail. Call (800) 274-5606 to report a serious claim and follow-up by faxing the Forms 100 to (248) 488-1980.

Proactive Loss Control Services

The most effective way to keep premiums and our employer’s costs low is to prevent injuries and claims from occurring in the first place. This strategy avoids loss of productivity for our policyholders and mitigates the cost of claims.

Our clients have access to our on-line portal which provides 24-hour access to written safety programs including tests, answer sheets and handouts, as well as over 300 training videos including those for MiOSHA’s top required programs.

Cost Control

MTMIC employs a comprehensive strategy to control medical and pharmacy expenses, which are the most significant cost of a Workers’ Compensation claim. Our strategies to control costs have saved on average 55% from the original billed cost.

P.O. Box 9150, Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9150 | Phone 248-488-1172 Fax 248-488-1980 |

In Kentucky, GMA's insurance partner Federated Insurance offers Workers' Comp coverage.

Federated Insurance

Federated Insurance provides many different coverage options for printers and graphic communications companies. They include: limited pollution coverage, equipment breakdown endorsement, publishers liability insurance, graphic edge commercial output policy, graphic arts errors and omissions insurance and a graphic arts umbrella liability program. You don't know how much you need these great safety nets… until you need them. The short-term cost is minimal compared to the long-term risk you're taking.

Please contact your BDD for more information.


Managed Care Organization


Every couple years you have the option to change your workers' compensation managed care organization. In Ohio, Graphic Media Alliance has endorsed Sedgwick, previously CareWorks, since Group Rating was first offered by the Association.  They have an excellent customer service record and will strive to help you and your employees!

Workplace Safety Resource Center

For many Ohio employers, workers' compensation insurance is one of the largest cost centers in the company budget. While there are many strategies to minimize the costs of workers' compensation claims, the best cost control strategy is injury prevention. After all, the best workplace injury is the one that never happens!

For employers enrolled in alternative rating programs such as group experience rating and group retrospective rating, workplace safety is the foundation of those programs. In conjunction with our partnering trade associations and chambers of commerce, Sedgwick, previously CareWorks Comp, has developed resources to help you find the information you need to help you reduce workplace injuries and control workers' compensation costs. Use these links to find informative safety articles and training presentations, among many other items.

Safety Resources:

Training Materials: