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2022 Wage + Benefits Survey

The Wage + Benefits Survey is the most comprehensive annual survey on labor costs and human resource policies of print-related companies. From top management to the shipping department, the Wage + Benefits Survey annually captures labor costs and human resource practices from nearly 500 firms and more than 15,000 employees across North America.

The Wage + Benefits 2022 Survey captures wages for most industry positions in sixteen categories, segmented by region and company size. The report captures policies for overtime, vacation, PTO, sick-time, health insurance, and includes COVID-related questions, along with job descriptions for more than 200 industry positions.

If you commit to participating in the 2022 Wage + Benefits Survey, GMA will provide a copy of the 2022 Sales Compensation Survey, FREE of charge! This is a $250 value to our members. If you commit to participating and then decide not to, you will receive an invoice for $250.

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The Sales Compensation Study is the definitive benchmarking tool for North American print service providers, documenting best-in-class sales compensation practices and policies for sales professionals in print-related companies.

The 2022 Sales Compensation Study provides participants with the definitive benchmark for comparing compensation practices and policies to hundreds of print and graphics sales professionals’ data, aggregated by averages to maximize confidentiality of all participants.

The Sales Compensation Study Includes:

  • Best-in-class compensation practices, including salary, commissions, incentives, and bonuses
  • Benchmarking of commission percentage and basis
  • Policies associated with quotes, reruns, and problem-handling conducted by sales reps without management approval
  • Marketing and technology-support practices
  • Benefits and reimbursement practices
  • Sales per rep ratios by market segment and process
  • Regional reporting, addressing for cost-of-living factors

Among the report’s objectives is to benchmark average compensation of sales representatives by region, product segment and production process, as well as delve into methods used for determining and calculating commissions. The report provides printers with critical data for benchmarking sales compensation to remain competitive in the industry.

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