Breakfast Forums

For over seven years monthly Breakfast Forum events have been held in Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky association’s three regions.  These forums are provided at no cost to members by the regional Business Development Director (BDD).  The forums are consistently held on the second Tuesday of each month in the southern region.  For the northern and central regions, please watch the calendar on our website or contact your BDD.  This repetition has been a key factor in the forums’ success and growth.  Initial attendance was sometimes only five people, but then it grew to twelve, then twenty, and then over thirty on a regular basis.  Many forums have even garnered more than fifty attendees.

There are four good reasons for the forums.  First, these monthly meetings provide Association members with continuous networking opportunities.  Our industry companies and individuals have always been good about helping each other.  Other than customer lists, trade secrets, and employee lists, Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky members are willing to discuss most anything.  This resource of information is invaluable and it’s free.  There is really no other Association event that is as frequent, face-to-face and accessible.  The forums take place right in the region where companies are located; it is convenient.  Knowing each and every month that there is an opportunity to meet people and talk with them is by itself a great reason to attend the forums. 

Regardless of the topic, many people attend for no other reason than to have a chance to meet and talk with other members.

The second reason that people attend is for the presentation or topic of discussion.  The topics are always germane to the business of running a company. 

Sometimes the topic is suggested by a member because they have an interest.  Sometimes someone may have heard a particularly good speaker speak on a meaningful subject and wants to share this with others.  Or, maybe the BDD picks up on an issue common to many members and finds a speaker on this.  General topics have included healthcare insurance, workers compensation, safety, HR issues, executive coaching, sales & marketing, EPA/OSHA, legal issues, postal issues, and many more.  Attendees include owners, CEO’s, senior managers, HR directors, operations managers, sales personnel, supervisors, estimators, customer service representatives, and others.  In many cases people attend because the Forum allows them to “get their arms around a subject” in a short period of time.  Attendees always seem to leave with something meaningful that they can immediately put to use. 

Thirdly, the forums are a meaningful way for each region to retain some of its identity.  This may not seem like a big thing, but with all of the affiliate mergers in Ohio and northern Kentucky over the past decade, it is easy to lose touch with the local scene.  The mergers had led to fewer group activities and less member interaction.  The forums have been a great way to re-establish regional identity and share information that is regionally pertinent.  When one considers how few local industry groups/clubs are still viable or even functioning, the forums are a meaningful alternative.

The fourth reason is to involve as many people from a company as possible in learning opportunities.  The topics are so varied that attendance by a variety of people is warranted.  Not only are people learning, but they are appreciative of being included in these events and the positive message of value and worth it communicates. 

The bottom line is that there are very good reasons why Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky members attend Breakfast Forums.  They are free!  They are great opportunities to learn from each other and presenters.  They are what the competition is doing to get an edge.

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