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2022 Wage & Benefits Survey

The 2022 Print Industries Wage + Benefits Survey and Reports are a joint effort among the Americas Print Association Network partners. Since the 1970s these association partners have captured industry insight related to Wage + Benefits data across North America. Survey questions, results and analytical reports are provided by print industries thought leaders. 

This year’s survey had 410 participating companies and over 14,000 compensation data points from across North America. The compensation levels reflect wages/salaries from experienced individuals in each job classification reported.

Due to unprecedented changes in wages in the year 2022, this year’s Wage + Benefits Report features a special side-by-side format with both 2021 and 2022 data for easy comparison. The 2021 data will be presented on all even-numbered pages with corresponding 2022 data on subsequent following odd-numbered pages.

It is by far, the largest and most comprehensive report of its kind.

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